Digital World

Digital presence, digital reputation e digital brand strategy

Pleiadi International
studies and realize advanced digital projects
and tells your story, your business
your success
following an integrated communication strategy.

We realize websites for companies, institutions, associations and privates, using the latest programming technologies by treating your online image and making the navigation simple, intuitive and responsive.

Specifically we deal with:

  • SEO and SEM activities aimed at achieving the best ranking placement on search engines and the consequent increase in brand awareness.
  • integrated content marketing strategy, because today the base for getting online success are contents and not just advertising anymore.
  • ad hoc” editorial plans for each social network, because each tool has different logic and grammar.
  • constant data monitoring

Every day, each of us on the net knows, creates and manages relationships, exchanges opinions, gets acquainted and appreciates, builds trust, builds our reputation: according to the communication’s goals of each customer , we choose web channels for the best visibility online.

We have many solutions for many different needs. Want more information? Contact Us.

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