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«Would you appreciate more a footwear brand that fills your inbox with its asphyxiating advertising, or a company that proposes content that deals with those topics you were just looking for, glued to the screen of your PC, for example through the management of a blog devoted not so much to its (brilliant) products on sale as to the more frequent problems due to prolonged use of shoes, and to the most effective remedies?»

Digital content Marketing “by Francesco Gavatorta and Francesco Maestri”


We do not struggle to imagine your answer and we completely agree with you.

The success of the marketing efforts of a company, institution, association, or private, goes through a strategic project for an integrated communications, which may include different tools, in the field of branding and web activities:

Advertising campaigns

Fairs and events


Starting from the creative concept to the choice of style, tone of voice and image we develop on and off line ADV that will- in order to distinguish your product or service.

Organizing something unique,today, is getting harder. You need a good idea and a good product. Then a beautiful location and a perfect setting. Not least, effective communication.
You provide us the product, we do the rest.

We turn complex and sometimes complicated concepts into simple and captivating visuals.
In this way we catch the attention and the customer.

New ways of communicating – innovative, captivating, challenging, valuable – to interact, involve and “engage” users: this is the way to make marketing that feature Pleiadi International.
It’s actually a great challenge: it’s about studying a communication strategy that uses on-and off-line channels – integrating them – and, at the same time, allows the company to create profit and customer satisfaction.
Because the customer will be no longer satisfied with just buying something from you but more and more will want to make an 360 ° experience.

And you will have to inform and promote, motivate and persuade. Communicate.

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