Innovation and the cutting-edge presented at Trade Fairs with giant packaging for new, top-quality products!

Unigrà is a unique agri-food company that responds to market demands by providing increasingly advanced products with rigorous quality standards and cutting-edge technologies.

Pleiadi International collaborated on the trade fair-launch of the new rice milk and soy milk products.

Together with the Bartoletti Cicognani Architecture and Design Studio, with whom we have been collaborating for years, departing from the image of the new packaging, we created a theatrical-like stage, where two very tall cartons became columns in front of a black background, at the centre of which the chef, Simone Rugiati, developed recipes and delights like a true celebrity.

The research and development of all the materials related to the set-up were shaped into an exhibition stand with a strong emotional impact

– the result of excellent teamwork – able to emphasise the latest products launched on the market, and serve as a perfect attractive frame for customers, professionals, passers-by and onlookers: they could not help but notice Unigrà!

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