How great working with a historic brand!

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Bonfiglioli, leader in gearboxes and industrial production, has always embodied excellence and innovation in all application sectors. With a consolidated global reputation, the company has decided to undertake an important evolution to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the wind sector, now integrated synergistically with e-mobility. It is in this dynamic and stimulating context that Bonfiglioli turned to Pleiadi, entrusting us with the task of profoundly reviewing and renewing its brand and communication style.

Our work, guided by an approach based on a deep understanding of the client's needs and aspirations, began with a detailed analysis of the brand sign. Thanks to targeted audits and the collection of emotional and numerical data expressed by the internal team, we have identified areas for improvement and growth opportunities. The result was a comprehensive overhaul process, which saw the Bonfiglioli brand transformed into a vivid and authentic manifestation of its leadership and commitment to innovation.

The renewed identity of the Bonfiglioli Group, even today, reflects its history and its constant commitment to excellence. Continuing on the path of expansion and development, the company is preparing to implement, under this banner, new strategies and initiatives both internally and internationally, always maintaining its mission of offering advanced and cutting-edge solutions to the challenges of the future. With determination and vision, Bonfiglioli looks to the future with confidence, ready to conquer new goals and leave an indelible mark on the global industrial landscape.