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La ligaza

A local event that entertains and attracts

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'La Ligaza' was the cloth that wrapped up leftovers from dinner and served as lunch for those who, in the post-war years, left for work in the morning and returned in the evening. They were fabric scraps found around the house: squares, stripes, patterns: a mix that, spread out at lunchtime, brought joy along with flavors.

Pleiadi International has revived the sweetness of that tradition, bringing it to dedicated events along the coast, in partnership with “Il Maré”, and in the hills, in partnership with “La Collina dei Magari”.

This has resulted in lively and shared evenings, where the flavors of the region and the pleasure of sharing Artusian recipes, local wines, and photographs telling stories were rediscovered. A beautiful way to make one's tourist area attractive and to have fun.