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The student surpassing the master…Allianz

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Diversification, attention, and listening: these three characteristics have allowed Lungarini, an Allianz insurance agency, to become a unique point of reference in the area where it operates. 
We started from a small restyling of the brand, updating of the website, and management of social media channels, to now being fundamental strategic partners for the management of new products and services.

In 2022, we co-organized the event to celebrate the agency's 50 years of activity at the Cesena Hippodrome. For the occasion, we created the necessary materials for the setup (menu, backdrop, posters, and panels), along with the monograph dedicated to reaching this important milestone.

With us, Lungarini has developed several product lines, each characterized by a distinctive image: Lungarini Assurance, Lungarini Family (family protection, including Lungarini Kids and Lungarini Mum), Lungarini Foundation (support for local initiatives), Lungarini Biz (business consulting), and Professionista Protetto (professional protection).

Last but certainly not least, is the creation of the Super Oreste character, almost unique in the insurance world. Inspired by the agency's founder, Oreste Lungarini, we worked with professional illustrators to create a fun comic character, transforming it into the mascot of the Family and Kids division. The character came to life in an illustrated comic book (of which we are preparing the second issue) and in five podcast episodes published on Spotify.