Pure young energy for the environment and social integration

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Our collaboration with Mindchangers has been rewarding and engaging. As winners of the call for communication, we worked closely with the Piedmont Region from the early stages of the project, actively contributing to its creation and development.

Mindchangers is a European initiative that aims at empowering the capabilities of Local Authorities and Civil Society Organizations in engaging young people on global challenges such as climate change and migration, reaching millions of European citizens and informing them about ongoing activities.

We worked from the beginning to develop a concept that reflected the essence and values of Mindchangers, including the distinctive logo. In addition to communication, we managed the online and offline presence on social media and the website, and provided logistical support during annual events, contributing to the success of the initiatives. It was a privilege to be part of this socially and environmentally relevant project, collaborating not only with the Piedmont Region, but also with several European entities in Germany, France, Belgium, Romania, and Spain. We look forward to further collaborations and growth opportunities, working towards a sustainable and inclusive future.