The Charm of Heavy Industry

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Pometon works with all major automotive brands and top global players in the chemical industry; it is also expanding into the aerospace, medical, and electronics sectors.
Renewing brand communication, in all its expressions, was the task entrusted to us. It was a fascinating, engaging, and satisfying strategic challenge, thanks to our methodology.
We developed the strategic and operational marketing plan to define the guidelines and achieve effective integrated communication for Pometon Powder, the only company in the industry capable of producing such a wide range of powders.

This was followed by restyling the brand, defining the copytone, and restyling the entire visual communication.

This translated into a series of collateral activities: storytelling and media, corporate materials, materials for events and fairs, web, and social communication.
All this to narrate a consolidated corporate identity and the strength of a reality proud to communicate how, from a grain of powder, everything is born.